Worm Testing Kit


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The pack contains everything you need for taking a hen poo sample either from an individual bird or a composite sample from a flock of up to 15-20 birds to test for worm eggs. The results of this will inform you whether you need to worm your hens. If you worm them without knowing if it’s necessary, you are potentially contributing to wormers being overused causing issues with resistance.

This test kit is sold in a unique compostable pouch which becomes the return envelope to send the sample back to the lab. It's unique zero waste design leaves you no waste to dispose of, all of it can be returned back to us. Once we've processed it here in the lab we'll compost it on the farm and eventually use it to establish new tree planting on our 75 acre nature reserve we're developing on land restored from open cast coal mining.

This test is suitable for sampling of all Poultry including chickens, ducks, geese, pigeon, pheasants and quail.

If taking a composite test from several birds please mix the samples in the large plastic bag provided before filling the sample container. Full instructions enclosed.

Kit includes:

  • a sample pot for the individual sample or combined composite sample of the birds 
  • a voucher for the laboratory processing of the test(s)
  • a compostable glove
  • a compostable post paid return label. 

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