Organic Layers Pellets 5KG

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A farmyard layers feed with vitamins, minerals and omega 3 oils for good sized eggs and natural golden yolks. Feed from 16 weeks on an ad lib basis. Small pellet size - suitable for bantams.

  • Suitable from 16-18 weeks of age

  • With natural sources of vitamins and minerals including calcium for a nutritionally balanced diet

  • Contains a prebiotic to support a healthy digestive system

  • 2.5mm pellet size – suitable for bantams

Organic Layers Pellets Feeding Instructions

Instructions for use

Feed ad lib from 18-20 weeks (about 100-150gms per hen per day) all year round. Introduce a new feed gradually over 7 to 10 days to help a smooth change over. This feed should be fed with ad lib fresh water and grit should be made available.

For good strong egg shells and optimum nutrition, treats should only be fed in the afternoon, after your chickens have eaten their pellets and no more than an egg cup full for each bird should be given.


Crude Protein: 16.0%
Crude Fibre: 5.0%
Calcium: 3.25%
Phosphorous: 0.7%
Methionine: 0.3%
Crude Oils and Fats: 3.0%
Crude Ash: 11.0%
Sodium: 0.18%
Lysine: 0.50%
Omega 3: 0.20%



Organic Wheat, Organic Field Beans, Organic Alfalfa, Calcium Carbonate, Organic Maize, Di-Calcium Phosphate, Yeast, Organic Linseed Expeller, Sea Salt, Seaweed

Organically produced ingredients: 90.66%
Non agricultural ingredients: 90.34%

  • Soil Association approved organic P2517 GB-Org-005
  • Rich in Omega 3 oils.
  • There are no synthetic vitamins or minerals in this feed.
  • The Organic Feed Company only source identity preserved (Hard IP) Non-GM ingredients.
  • The Organic Feed Company feeds are made from natural ingredients which can result in the feed changing colour slightly through the seasons.


Collections: Eating & Drinking for Hens

Type: Chicken Feed

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