Fancy Feed Supreme Mixed Corn 5KG

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Discover the Fancy Feed Poultry Mixed Corn in a convenient 5kg bag – a high-quality, clean, and dust-free corn mix featuring locally sourced British wheat. Proudly brought to you by the Fancy Feed Company, known for their premium quality poultry food.

Our Mixed Corn is a delicious blend of English wheat and cut maize, suitable for a wide range of poultry, waterfowl, and bantams. It's the perfect complement to a fully balanced diet of pellets or mash, adding variety and nutrition to your birds' meals.

Ideally served as an afternoon treat, the Mixed Corn is packed with carbohydrate and fibre calories, which are crucial for overnight digestion. This helps in maintaining the birds' body temperature, especially during the colder winter months, keeping them healthy and comfortable.

Scatter it on the floor of the pen to engage your birds' natural instincts to scratch and peck. It's not only enjoyable for them but also ensures they get the nutrition they need. However, be mindful to check that all the feed is consumed to avoid attracting rodents like rats and mice to your chicken run. The Fancy Feed Poultry Mixed Corn is the perfect way to enrich your poultry's diet while keeping them active and healthy

Composition: Wheat, Maize.

Collections: Eating & Drinking for Hens

Type: Chicken Feed

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