ChickenGuard Pro *UPDATED FOR 2023*



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Our best-selling automatic Chicken Pop Hole Opener just got a serious upgrade! Alongside our smart timed open and closing function we’ve added a set up wizard to get you up and running in no time.

Automatic Chicken Coop Door Opener

  • 3 Year Warranty 
  • Programmable Timer 
  • Lifts 2kg/4lbs 
  • Batteries included 
  • Mains & USB Enabled 
  • Adjustable light sensor 
  • Works at -20 degrees 
  • Extreme Weather Resistant 
  • Self Calibrating 
  • Fully featured LCD display for ease of use

What is a ChickenGuard Premium Unit?

If you are familiar with ChickenGuard you will probably be aware of our previous product range: Standard, Premium and Extreme.

We have spent ten years developing products to serve chickens and their owners. Our expertise and experience lead us to believe that our best-selling units, Premium and Extreme, should work as one to be the best and clearest solution… now becoming the PRO.

PRO is the optimal solution for your coop door, packed with all the features that made our previous “Premium” & “Extreme” so popular!
The ChickenGuard range is now simplified. Standard offers all the essential features at a great value, and PRO is the ultimate solution for your coop door.


The ChickenGuard© Pro offers peace of mind for you and protection for your hens from foxes and other predators.

As well as the easy-to-programme timer, the additional built-in light sensor means you have two options for maximum security and peace of mind. The full Manual Control Feature and unique Failsafe Mode also provide increased security and flexibility for timings.

An integrated LCD screen ensures it is easy to set up and alter timings when necessary. You won’t need an 8 year old to programme this door! And we have even designed extra big buttons so you can programme the unit with your gloves on in the winter – we really do understand all about bad weather.

Chicken guard offer a FREE 3 year warranty with this product as well as a FREE dedicated helpline should you need it. 

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