Henlays Coop Paint Options.


Coop Paint Options-4

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Sedge Green
Cheddar Pink
Dulcote Stone
Goblin Blue
Purple Orchid
Zinc Grey

At Henlays we have partnered with Thorndown Paints who make incredible exterior ECO paints in Somerset. The paint adheres to the plastic easily and is colour fast and is very durable.  Easily customisable panels allow for complete customisation and the paint can be applied with a brush or roller. It will need at least 2 coats but it dries quickly and could easily be completely painted in just 1 day. If you ever wish to change the colour it can be easily painted over. The only limit is your imagination....and artistic ability, to be fair.  A 750ml paint can will provided enough to give two coats to the main body of the coop.

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