Welcome to henlays

At Henlays we believe in producing high quality chicken coops that are not only beautiful but are fantastically practical, perfect for poultry, people and the planet. The coops are proudly made in Britain from UK recycled plastic.

We pride ourselves on keeping waste to a minimum during both manufacturing and packaging as well as supporting as many local businesses as possible.

We do our best to offer a friendly and helpful service so please get in touch and we will be happy to help.


Henlays was started with big ideas. The ideas were supported by other local businesses who got excited about them and they believed in what was trying to be achieved. These people worked hard and have pride in what the do just like we do.

Each and everyone involved in Henlays share the same 5 things, EXPERTISE in their field, LOYALTY to the company, PERFECTIONISM, great COMMUNICATION and VISION. As a team we dared to dream that we could manufacture and sell iconic poultry coops that really are perfect for Poultry, People and the Planet. So in answer to the original question, What does Henlays stand for? I suppose the answer would be we stand for BRITAIN and all that it entails.

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